Wednesday, 19 February 2014

A Tale of Two Pelicans Down Under

Believe it or not,  Ah Pui and Ah San lured me to Noosa, the Sunshine Coast's coastal hub!  

My introduction to Noosa - Ah Pui and Ah San, the pelicans with big appetites! 
Steve Irwin's Australia Zoo may have put Australia's Sunshine Coast on the tourism map. For me though, Noosa's graceful feathered residents with their recognisable throat pouch and large beaks prowling the riverbanks are what first drew my attention to the place.

My friends, Australian Brad Jeffreys and his vivacious Singaporean wife Judy Koh, often raved about the feathered visitors to their exclusive riverside home. Each day after 5pm, a pair of friendly pelicans they fondly refer to as Ah Pui (the fat one) and Ah San (skinny one) turn up like clockwork on the wooden platform jetty that joins their patio to the riverbank.